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View episodes on Saboom.com


Added: 10/15/2012 Total Episodes: 190

Come and see the next generation of porn where you are the director of the action! Watch scenes from some of the worlds sexiest models and be in complete control of what you see with our innovative interactive porn interface. Make key decisions about what act to enjoy next or queue up in advance exactly how you want the scene to play out and save the edit to a custom play list. Enjoy only the porn you want and even jump to P.O.V. mode at certain key points. The future of porn is here!

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View episodes on BodyBuildersInHeat.net


Added: 9/27/2012 Total Episodes: 95
BodyBuildersInHeat.net has episodes containing only photographs Episodes: 3

Like your women strong and ripped instead of the weak and rake thin models that are plastered everywhere? Like the sort of woman that could crush a small rock between her thighs or arm wresting a hairy trucker? If so then we got the goods for you, amazon goddesses who fuck just as hard as they workout because we know that deep down all women are the same fat or thin, weak or strong, they all love the cock.

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View episodes on JurassicCock.com


Added: 8/13/2012 Total Episodes: 84
JurassicCock.com has episodes in High Definition 720P HD quality Episodes: 6

Sometimes the young guys or the toned guys or the handsome guys get all the luck with girls. Usually that is the case in porn too. We have decided that that is rubbish, these girls should be pleasing us old fat and bald men! See the cutest young teens fucking men old enough to be their grandfather and ugly enough to scare small children, sexy stuff!

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View episodes on TeenAnalCasting.com


Added: 8/2/2012 Total Episodes: 10
TeenAnalCasting.com has episodes in Full High Definition 1080P HD quality Episodes: 9

Sometimes you dont want to mess around. You want teens. You want deep, hard and merciless anal action. You want only young tight bodies and you want huge gapping holes. Well ladies and gentlemen TeenAnalCasting.com delivers on all counts and in HD to boot!

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View episodes on HotKinkyJo.xxx


Added: 7/10/2012 Total Episodes: 94
HotKinkyJo.xxx has episodes in Full High Definition 1080P HD quality Episodes: 51 HotKinkyJo.xxx has episodes containing only photographs Episodes: 43

Anal fisting? Pah, try double anal fisting. 30 inch dildo? Bah, 40 inch for me. Anal speculum? Does not stretch anywhere near wide enough, use a house speculum. Extremely fat to go with extreme sex? No way have you seen my slim body and perfect ass? Ugly extreme she beast troll? Nope, I'm as cute as can be ;) Do you want to see me anally fisted beyond the elbow and my belly bulge from it? Bottom line, here is the only place to see that and more of the most extreme anal destructions known to man!

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View episodes on CockCompetition.com


Added: 7/5/2012 Total Episodes: 40

Sex and gambling, 2 things that have been around since time immemorial are combined to create a brand new gameshow for all the family. Spin the wheel and see where it lands. Deep throat a huge cock? Anal fuck? Who knows, lets see which of our contestants is willing to go that extra mile and what they have to do to win!

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View episodes on PimpParade.com


Added: 5/22/2012 Total Episodes: 30

We round up ghetto trash, throw them a few bucks and a bottle of cheap wine and guess what? They are then our loving little ho's willing to do our every bidding. Dirty cheap whores, big round asses and a willingness to anything for money make for a fucking great show!

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View episodes on AsianFuckies.com


Added: 5/5/2012 Total Episodes: 32
AsianFuckies.com has episodes containing only photographs Episodes: 1

Nothing beats an Asian woman. When western women pile on the pounds by just looking at a burger, Asians seem to be able to effortlessly maintain a sexy and slim figure. Mix that with the exotic beauty that many posses and you have a winning combination. See those slim bodies used and abused right here!

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View episodes on FreaksOfCock.com


Added: 5/1/2012 Total Episodes: 189
FreaksOfCock.com has episodes in High Definition 720P HD quality Episodes: 1 FreaksOfCock.com has episodes containing only photographs Episodes: 1

Some whores demand the biggest of the big to fill their voids. When 10 inches in not enough, you have to seek out the freaks. See every hole filled to bursting point with the biggest cocks on the planet before eager faces and mouths become the targets for insane cum blasts.

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View episodes on CumMartinis.com


Added: 4/27/2012 Total Episodes: 34
CumMartinis.com has episodes containing only photographs Episodes: 1

There is something great about seeing stupid eager sluts getting not only abused in all holes but also swallowing down the man juice at the end. Its even better when the dumb whore looks forward to the cum hitting the back of her throat. Haute cuisine it is certainly not but would you argue? Nope :)

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